Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mature Conversations

So my friends like to make fun of me because I often say things to them that really,
I should only say to my girls like:

Are you going night night soon?
Do you need to go potty?

What?  You never do that?
I mean, isn't it funny when other people do that?

Here are some other great ones that can be heard in our home on any given day -

in case you ever lack in conversation starters:

Boogers are not food.
Where are your clothes?
Who didn't flush the toilet?
Why would you ______ (fill in the blank with any inappropriate behavior)?
Take your thumb out of your mouth.
Who pooted?
Did you wipe?
Followed by: Did you wipe good?
I know, I know - I should say well instead of good.
 Along with: Did you wash your hands?
Hug & kiss.
Or: Kiss & hug.
Don't bite your sister.
Don't jump on your sister.
Don't hit your sister.
Don't flick your sister.
Don't lick your sister.
Where's Isabella?
Isabella can be replaced with the name of any other person who is sneaky
and/or up to no good when not in sight.

Hey!!  Don't laugh.
This is what happens when you're surrounded by children 7 & under all. day. long.

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