Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maileen's Journey - March 27

August 2008
thanks so much for words of encouragement
here are some things to pray about now:
---Pray that we get the psyc exam for marissa's papers done before my departure next week.
---Peter has a higher chance of getting her papers to be under his guardianship - that it will allow him to get her a birth certificate and maybe even a visa to leave.
---we will be packing, building a bodega to put most items into, then moving to a smaller house in town to be near friends that can help peter with marissa.
---pray that these 6-12 months apart will not harm us but make us stronger as individuals and as family.
---pray that we can find good doctors/nurses with a very positive atmosphere so I can be encouraged to go through this.
---pray that the cancer I may still have in me will not enter the lymph nodes which is a harder and quicker cancer. that it is isolated and easy to extract.
---that my body responds strong and I return cancer free and free of other possible results from chemo like leukemia...
Look at these videos to understand what I mean...
thanks for going in prayer with me this year...I really am encouraged and appreciative of you friendship and support
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