Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ramblings over Coffee

I don't like sand art. It's messy.

I love my girls' creative instincts -
because I have...none.
At all.

I don't like laundry. It never gets done. Ever.
I mean - ever.
I can nevercheck it off!...
and you know how crazy Type As like to check things off.

I am thankful that we have laundry to do.
Not a joke -

I complain way too much about laundry.
We're super blessed!

I don't like the act of going to the gym.

I feel so much better after, though.
Plus, it's good for me right?
Yes, it is.

I love getting a chance to talk to the husband
after all our girls are in bed.
Grown up stuff is sometimes not fun.
I'm happy to have him beside me for it all.

I don't like the dirty dishes either, but
I love coffee so much.

That is all.
Coffee by morning
Photo by: Dustin Askins


Jami Nato said...

cute blog!

link away, sister friend!

Lindsey O. said...

like this post. I don't like any of the grown up stuff either!! :( And dishes are the nemesis!!!!

Tammie Saunders said...

Grace, you are so funny! What a good post!

Grace said...

Thanks, Jami - I appreciate it!!

Yes, Lindsey - laundry & dishes are NOT my BFFs!

Tammie - Bill doesn't think so - I'm happy you do!!