Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful (14)

Love these two so much.
Dad has been surrounded by one to three women for nearly forty years.  For that alone, he's amazing.  He's a quiet man (except for when he's angry which is hardly ever), but he loves us unconditionally and works extremely hard for his family.  He always wants the best
for me, my mom, and my sister.

Mom is always there for me, Bill, and the girls - no matter what.  It's ridiculous how much we did not get along during my high school and college years, but in retrospect - I know it was because she loved (loves) me so much.  My mom came to the United States when she got married and left behind her family and her home.  She sacrificed a lot for my dad and our family.  She's amazing and strong, and she's a fantastic wife and mother.  She loves us fiercely and relentlessly.

Forever grateful to God for the parents that He gave me.

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