Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful (21)

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One of my favorites is sitting with a cup of coffee and talking with a friend.  I’ve been surrounded by so much beauty and talent that one might consider me spoiled.

My friends
come over just because
watch our girls when we need a date night
send encouraging texts for no reason
bring coffee when I’m feeling down and out
come by when the girls are in bed so we can have “normal” conversations
share fancy dresses for special occasions
bake delicious treats
and on and on
and on.

While they encourage me in my role as a wife and a mother,
they also allow me to be the me that I was before I got married and had babies:
not Bill’s wife
not Espy or Gianna or Isabella or Evangeline’s mom
simply Grace -
and that’s enough for them.

Those are my favorite kind of friends - the ones who can:
laugh with me
cry with me
humor me while I make "funny" jokes
see me in all my ridiculous glory -
and despite all of that, still want to spend time with me.

They’ve given advice and considered mine.  They’ve prayed with and for me.  They've sat and listened when what I needed was that reassuring nod that I really wasn't going out of my mind.  We've laughed enough that surely we should have six-packs.  I've seen God work in and through them - teaching me so much about life and love.  I hope I can one day give them as much as they've given me.

All so different.  All beautiful.  All God-given.
Always thankful for my friends.


Cindy said...

I love sharing my fancy dresses with you ;-)

Grace said...

Yours are some of my favorite, Cindy Lou!