Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful (2)

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Blogs are a fantastic thing - they're one of my favorite things, actually.  If I happen to get a few minutes here and there throughout the day, I like to pop open my Google Reader or Google Next Button (Check out #2.  Kristen's blog is great!)
to read my favorite bloggers' new posts.

I asked a few of my blogging friends to join me on this journey of thankfulness.
I'm so happy they agreed!

Lindsey is wonderful!  It's been great getting to know her more.  She describes her blog as ...a place where I list things we’re doing, things we would like to do, and things we hope to accomplish before we die!  It’s a place to offer a little bit of encouragement, a place for me to reflect on life, a hs iplace of accountability for me, and a place to display photos and memories. It’s where I list all my personal helps and favorites.  It’s not really about any one thing in particular I guess!  It’s just us.  Life…scrambled and silly.  Maybe you can relate?  This is one of my favorite posts from Lindsey - honest and real.  You can join her on her thankfulness journey here.

I don't know Leah super-well, but I think we'd be great friends if our paths crossed more.  Does that sound weird and stalker-ish?  Probably.  Leah used to work at the school my older girls attend.  Whenever the girls and I saw her, she would always be smiling.  One of my favorite posts from Leah is about motherhood.  Leah and her husband love spending time together and with [their] friends. Both of [them] are originally New Yorkers, who moved to the south and love it!  Click here to find Leah's first thankfulness post. 

Jannette is superwoman in disguise.  We went to the beach for a girls weekend a few weeks ago, and she made us the most amazing meals while we were there.  Janette is a stay at home mom to identical twin girls and a proud Air Force wife.  [Her] days are busy keeping up with [her] family and staying creative.  I just read this post today, and I can't help but think we might know the same crazy woman!  You can read Jannette's first thankfulness post here.

Robyn is another friend that I don't know extremely well, but I feel like if we sat down for dessert or dinner or drinks or whatever - we would have a lot to talk about.  (Creepy sounding, but true.)  Robyn is a mother of three little girls who are all under the age of 5.  [She is a] wanna be stay at home mom doing the part time thing and attempting to hold it all together!  I love this post - she's always so transparent.  You can read Robyn's first day of thankfulness here.
This guy moved away, and we want him to come back and visit soon!  Our family first met Matthew when he was in high school, and our girls immediately adored him.  He took my older two on their first dates ever - so sweet!  Now he's in Colorado growing up.  I love this post because it reveals Matt's love for people (and I got to go on this trip with our group!).
Matt's thankfulness journey starts here.

Rachel and I used to be texting maniacs.  Rachel is Matthew's older sister, and our family pretty much fell in love with their family when we met them several years ago.  Rachel is tall, blonde, and a phenomenal soccer player - everything that I am not.  Rachel also has an amazing heart which is one of my most favorite things about her.  Rachel describes herself as on the move, and she is!  This is one of my favorite posts by Rachel.  You can find her first thankfulness post here.

Thankful for awesome, real, and thoughtful blogs!


Mom of Three said...

Thanks so much for the kinds words, and for inviting me to do this! Hopefully we can get together for coffee or lunch sometime =)

Jannette Presson said...

Thanks Grace! Thanks for the kind words and invite.