Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful (25)

the girl of a thousand questions (or more)
always on the go
a unique understanding of slow, gentle, and quiet
Miss Independent
wants to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel

If ever there was a child who was born naturally funny, this one might be it.  She has a flair for the dramatics and is not quiet.  Ever.  Unless I want her to speak to a little friend or an adult, then she has no desire to communicate at all - of course.

I can understand the challenge of being one of the middles of the family.  You're not the oldest, but at the same time - you're not the youngest.  Helping Isabella figure out what being Isabella means is one of the hardest - yet most rewarding - things we're in the process of doing.

Isabella has probably never met a stranger in her life.  Today she became friends with:
a mom at Chick-fil-A who was feeding her daughter
shoppers at the mall
the lady who cut her hair
the man who rings the bell for the Salvation Army

She sings with no reservation.
She dances with no shame.
She speaks with no inhibition.

Her cries are as loud as her laughter.
Her kicks are as strong as her hugs.
Her enthusiasm is as contagious as her smile.

Extremely thankful for our Isabella Simone.

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