Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful (28)

I'll Stand With You Between Forever and Always, My Love (creative commons freebie)
Photo by: D. Sharon Pruitt
I realize the perfect morning does not exist.  However, if things go according to plan - it's almost like witnessing the tooth fairy or Santa or the Easter Bunny in real life.

If I do simple things the night before like:
set out the girls' outfits
make everyone's lunches
have all bookbags packed and ready to go
set the breakfast table
go to bed at a decent hour
I can certainly set the stage for a great start.

When (and if) I wake up before the girls, if I can manage to grab a shower and get dressed (and put makeup on!) - I might just be en route to the "perfect" morning.

Spending time talking to God and reading Scripture make any morning better than when I haven't.

If I can squeeze in a workout before the shower:
bonus points.

If there's no yelling by me or crying by the girls:
icing on the cake.

Cup of coffee?
Yes, please!

While our mornings here hardly turn out as I dream or picture them to be,
I'm happy when they come even remotely close.

Thankful for smooth mornings with the girls.