Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful (4)

I didn't think I could love anyone more than Bill, then along came Espy.
I thought for sure there was not enough love for another, and then there was Gianna.

I can still remember the morning she was born:
Bill, PaPa, NeNe, and Regan were in the delivery room with me.  It wasn't a long labor (oh, it still
hurt), and once my water broke - that was all she wrote.  After a few pushes - we welcomed Gianna into the world, and our family has not been the same since.

Gianna was our easygoing baby.  That first night at the hospital, she slept through the night - literally.  I was so confused because I don't even think Espy was sleeping through the night yet, and she was two! She hardly ever cried - unless she wanted attention.  Or food.  Or needed a new diaper.

Lately Gianna has been more dramatic - life is hard at six.  She's not the oldest, but she's not the youngest.  She looks up to Espy so much and is very good about taking care of her sister, Evangeline.  Gianna and Isabella are either the best of friends, or they fight like cats and dogs - it really depends on how the stars are lined up that day.

Gianna is much like her dad in the area of
(They love salty snacks, biscuits and gravy, or a good sub.)
(They both think they're funny.  Sometimes they are, sometimes - not so much.)
and fun
(They love the outdoors and sports).

She is our social butterfly.  After she gets acclimated to a situation or a person, she'll talk and talk and talk.  When she was a toddler, I often worried about what might come out of her mouth while we were out and about.  She didn't have a problem telling strangers exactly what she thought.

Gianna is passionate about what she believes in and tries VERY hard to stand her ground when she thinks she's in the right.  More often than not, this gets her into trouble.  I firmly believe if we can train this power for good, she'll be a force to contend with when she's fighting for what she loves.

Gianna lost her first tooth last night!
Extremely thankful for Gianna Marie!

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