Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful (29)

It seems like we waited forever for this child when in reality she came three days before she was due.  Espy, Gianna, and Isabella each spoiled us by arriving around two weeks early.
I've told her story before, but that's ok:

Evangeline made her own way right from the start.  I was nauseous for several weeks - nothing like I had experienced before.  I was sure Evangeline was going to be a little boy when the whole family (minus Isabella) went to her 20 week ultrasound.  Instead, we found out we were going to have a sweet baby girl.  We also thought that Evangeline would arrive about two weeks early, just like her sisters.  We were wrong!  Evangeline's due date was December 2nd.  We went to the hospital November 26th and got sent home because I was only dilated 3cm and wasn't in active labor.


Early monday morning, November 29th - I started having STRONG contractions around 4:15am.

I was in the front room, and PaPa could hear me crying from the bedroom
where he and NeNe were sleeping.

  They were definitely stronger than any of the contractions I had when I went into active labor with our first three daughters.  They got stronger and came closer together more quickly than with Espy, Gianna, and Isabella.  Bill and I both showered, got our things together, and headed to the hospital around 6:30am.  I was 5cm in triage, and they transferred us to a room.  At that point, things continued to progress quickly.  I was ready to push around 11:30am.  My water broke, and they called the doctor.  One strong contraction and one strong push later, Evangeline was here at 12:04pm.  This pregnancy was by far the most difficult for me physically, emotionally, and mentally - but when it came to labor and delivery, it was the quickest and easiest of all four (with my trusty, ever-present epidural!). Bill and I were so thankful for such an awesome delivery.  All the waiting and false labor was worth it once we saw Evangeline!

In Greek, Evangeline means, "like an angel."  McRae is a name that Bill discovered and liked.  Bill and I knew it was the one when we found out it means "son of grace" from the Scottish name MacRae.
Extremely thankful for our Evangeline McRae.

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