Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful (26)

God's been working a lot on my heart -
helping me be more aware of how our family spends our money.
His money.

I'm falling in love with companies like this:
Sseko Designs

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Sseko Designs is a sandal company based in Uganda.  We make beautiful leather sandals with interchangeable fabric straps that can be styled in hundreds of ways.
Sseko began as a way to generate income for high potential, talented young women to continue on to university.  Sseko has graduated three classes of women.  Every woman who has graduated from Sseko is currently pursuing her college degree.
In addition to our university-bound team, Sseko also employs a full-time team of women from all walks of life.  By creating an environment of dignity, honor, creativity and dedication, Sseko Designs provides the opportunity for women in East Africa to end they cycle of poverty and create a more equitable society.
We believe that every woman has a dream.  When she is given the opportunity to pursue those dreams, we are collectively walking towards a brighter and more just and beautiful world.
We believe that our stuff has a story and that every dollar you spend is a vote for the way you think the world should work.
Every Sseko has a story.
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and like this:
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 Kallie Dovel, traveled to Uganda in the summer of 2007, getting a first-hand look at life in Northern Uganda. While she was there, she met women making paper beads but who lacked a plan
to market and sell them.

After spending time in their homes and hearing their stories, Kallie knew there had to be a way to give opportunities to her new friends. She brought a box of jewelry back to the U.S., and spent the next year finishing her degree and dreaming up the concept of a development organization. She brought a few friends on board and her ideas quickly evolved into 31 Bits.

The girls traveled back to Uganda in August 2008, and selected six women to begin buying jewelry from on a monthly basis. Since then, we have grown to 108 women; each with a unique story of suffering that has been overcome with joy and liberation.
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 Thankful for companies that encourage me to be a more thoughtful consumer.

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